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Strategically located in Calgary Alberta, Agar Canada Corporation., is the company's secondary flagship location. Becoming an integral part of the ever-expanding energy sector, Agar Canada focused on building an expansive and technologically advanced manufacturing and testing facility (flow loop).

Over the years, Agar Canada's state-of-the-art flow loop has been utilized to simulate real-world process conditions, resulting in quality solutions that meet or exceed industry standards. We have also become the source of expert knowledge for major oil operators seeking to streamline and optimize upstream and downstream process conditions by serving as host for conducted tests and simulations.

Agar Canada Corporation and its seven regional offices are industry leading engineered solution providers of process measurement and control systems and services within the energy sector. The Company’s solutions increase the efficiency of oil production and processing in applications where hydrocarbons and aqueous mixtures are present.

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Agar, ACL Opens a New Branch in Saudia Arabia

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (December 13, 2010) – Agar Corporation, LTD. (ACL) is pleased to announce the opening of a new branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...


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