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Agar's New 2-Wire 24VDC Loop Powered ID-200 Extends Capability
Contributors: Brian Ishaug - R&D & Michael Kenny - Field Service

Due to increased industry demand, Agar has introduced its new 2-Wire, 24VDC Loop Powered ID-200 series. This new design compliments our existing ID-200, commonly known as a 4-Wire System.

Two models are currently available including an analog only version and a version with full HART communication capabilities. There are many advantages to the 2-wire design including the requirement for fewer probe wire connection and, because of the industry standard 4-20mA output, it is easily integrated with 4-20mA loop compatible systems.

Some of the functionality of the PS-201 has been integrated into the new Hockey Puck including the adjustment of the 4-20mA’s ZERO (offset) and SPAN (slope). The PS-201 power supply/signal conditioner currently used with the 4-wire ID System will not be required for many applications, thereby, reducing the cost and complexity of installations.

The HART version has even more advanced features including the ability to remotely adjust parameters and provide advanced diagnostic information for set-up and trouble shooting. This will greatly simplify field service and setup, especially when probes are in hard to reach locations.

HART also provides customers additional features such as the ability to monitor not only the primary variable but also other variables such as probe temperature, supply voltage and even the general health of the probe.

The current ID-200/PS-201 (4-Wire System) configuration will continue to be offered and supported by Agar when required since it offers features that are not available with the new 2-Wire System---such as relay outputs and local indication lights.

Since the new 2-wire system is compatible with existing probes already in the field, switching to a 24 VDC loop-powered configuration will be relatively simple for our customers.