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Agar's Automatic Tank Dewater (ATD) Performance

The Agar Automatic Tank Dewatering System has responded with an excellent level of performance on the tank dewatering application at a major oil facility in Kuwait.

Agar’s ID-201 oil/water interface detector was used as the Control Probe for dewatering the crude storage tanks and is located at the top of the drain sump, just below the tank floor. When clean water is detected, the water drain valve opens and remains open until low concentrations of oil is detected. Only clean, oil-free water is discharged from the bottom of the sump.

This low level alarm probe will alarm if the presence of hydrocarbon is detected. If there is an upset in the vessel or the water draw-off valve fails to close properly, oily water will be detected at this lower elevation. The alarm probe will then send an alarm to the control room instructing operators to close a secondary back-up drain valve.

As an added precaution, a second alarm probe was installed outside of the tank. Because the Agar probe is engineered to function in the harshest of operating conditions, including heavy oil or paraffin coatings, no preventative maintenance is required. And because they are located in the water draw-off sumps, no sludge or solids build-up will occur that could affect their performance.

In summary, the following advantages highlight the return on investment experienced at the facility by utilizing this unique and dynamic control system:

  1. No oil is discharged with the waste water (less than 30ppm).
  2. The water level is controlled in the sumps, below the floor of the tanks.
  3. The floor of the tanks is covered in oil (not water), eliminating any corrosion of the floor plates.
  4. Because there is no water level in the tanks, maximum utilization of the tank capacity is achieved.
ATD Field Installation