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Agar Corporation Offers Solution For Foam Detection - Preventing Upsets and Compressor Damage

In response to the industry’s demand for a more accurate Foam Detector to minimize or eliminate the presence of foam carryover and the resulting contamination of sales gas and damage to compressors--- Agar introduces its latest technology. Utilizing Agar’s patented ID-200 Series technology, the Foam Detector was developed to accurately detect the presence of Foam, respond to changing foam concentrations, and control the defoamer injection rates in the process separators/contactors before upsets occur.

With early detection, Agar’s system can automatically initiate or increase/decrease the anti-foam chemical injection rate causing foam to dissipate. As a result, anti-foam chemical feed rates are optimized, which in turn, reduces overall chemical costs.

Agar Sales Manager, Gary Fransen, notes that by providing a robust instrument that detects the presence of foam, Agar has been able to assist its customers in identifying potential problems well before they become a maintenance expense to downstream compressors – saving downtime and reducing chemical costs.

To learn more about our foam detector and any of Agar’s process measurement and control solutions, please contact Gary Fransen at 1 (832) 476-5100.

Foam detection demonstration at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.