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Agar Receives ATEX Certification For Its Oil/Water (OW) 300 Series Meter

Agar is pleased to announce that ATEX has certified the use of our OW-300 series in areas classified as being potentially explosive. The agency certified that the OW-300 meets the standard for essential health and safety requirements related to its design and construction.

The AGAR OW-300 Series oil/water meters measure liquid-in-liquid concentrations by measuring the complex permittivity properties of the flow stream using a multiple high frequency method. Typical applications include crude oil and finished product pipeline monitoring, water in slop oil, glycol and water, and aqueous/organic measurement.

The OW-300 system consists of a primary probe, the measurement electronics, and a data analysis system (DAS) that can be remotely mounted from the field sensor. The OW-300 probe is offered in a spool-type configuration and insertion-type assembly.

The meter utilizes a combination of explosion proof type enclosures with a probe that extends into the medium to be monitored. It also features intrinsically safe electronics that provide signal outputs/inputs to the probe.

Agar remains dedicated to designing solutions which meet or exceed design and safety requirements.

OW-301 Field Installation - Argentina.