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Hydrate Detector Hydrate Detector

Measurement of the water-cut and hydrate presence is performed by measuring the complex permittivity properties of the flow stream using the multiple high frequency method. This method will compensate for the effected of changing hydrocarbon composition and water salinity while providing two unique outputs, one for water cut, the second for hydrate concentration.

The presence of hydrates within a pipeline can severly impair fluid flow and requires regular pigging. Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitor (LDHI) or methanol injection is used to minimize hydrate formation. By detecting the presence of hydrates, LDHI or methanol injection can be optimized.

The HD-100 Series system consists of a primary probe, the measurement electronics, and a data analysis system (DAS) that can be remotely mounted from the field sensor. The HD-100 probe is offered in a spool-type configuration and insertion-type assembly.

Series Options:

  • HD-101: Spool Piece
  • HD-102: Insertion
Hydrate Detector - OW 301
Hydrate Detector - OW 301
Hydrate Detector - OW 302
Hydrate Detector - OW 302

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