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Interface Detectors ID 200
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Agar’s OW-200 series is a second-generation design, microwave based liquid/liquid analyzer developed by Agar Corporation after introducing the first 0-100% oil/water meter to the market in 1985. Our current design is the only device in which the accuracy of the measurement is not affected by changes in salinity, density, viscosity, temperature or velocity of the components being analyzed.

Series Options:

  • OW-201 In-line
  • OW-202 Insertion Type


  • Crude Oil and finished pipeline monitoring
  • Oil in wastewater
  • Glycol and water
  • Aqueous/organic measurement
ID 200
OW-201 Series Installation - Canada
OW 202
OW-202 Series Installation - Brazil

Note: Please click here for more information on Agar's OW-200 Series oil/water meters.